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Ayşegül Karaali

Aisha yemyeşil doğası, zengin tarihi ve farklı kültürü ile bambaşka bir ülke olan Slovenya'yı geziyor. Sadece gezmiyor bir de anlatıyor; oranın tarihini, kültürünü ve bilinmeyen sırlarını. Aisha unutulanın, bilinmeyenin ve görünmeyenin peşinde. Görünen güzelliklerin içinde saklı kalan bilgileri eşeliyor. Gezilerinde şifayı arıyor ve Slovenya’da uygulanan alternatif tedavi yöntemlerini araştırıyor. Unutulmuş halk hikâyelerini yaşlı yerli halktan dinliyor, tarihi onlara soruyor ve ulaştığı tüm bu bilgileri kaynaklar ile karşılaştırıyor. Değişik Sloven festivallerinden yemeklerine kadar ülkenin kültürünü ve yerel hayatı tanıtıyor. Tüm bu deneyimlerini blogunda yazıyor. Aisha, elinde kitabı, sırtında çantası ile Slovenya’yı adeta onu takip edenlerle birlikte geziyor.

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I moved next to faculty in my second day of the faculty. I moved at once and could not even gather all my stuff.

It was my third day at the faculty. We had the first meeting picnic in the evening. I finished my studies and came home gaily.

There was the neighbor’s dog standing and barking at me in front of our house. I parked my bike and kept calm, thought that he is going to leave me alone. All of a sudden he bit my leg. This was the moment it made a big difference in my life.

I was in shock, something tells me “Why? I do not wanna hurt you, why did you do this to me?” I shouted with the pain and astonishment. No sooner than the dog rapidly went away as if he got what he wanted and my new flatmate came over. He examined my leg and told me that the bite was serious and I had to go to the hospital, “So let the neighbors know now.”

All of a sudden my eyes filled with tears and I had an outburst. I was not in pain I was about to run to this picnic and thinking about the gymnastic lecture which was the next day in the morning. I was so motivated and excited about the faculty and feeling so sad because of the situation.

I rang the bell then a guy and the children came out. I told them what happened but they did not want to understand me very well. My flatmate was there to explain. The owner of the dog was not home. I told them that I really need help. They brought me alcohol and sterilized my leg. I was extending my leg on the standing position and feeling dizzy, wanted to vomit. My eyes went dark but I wanted to stay strong.

There was a very old lady who was taking care of me. I pleased a glass of water and wanted to sit. They made me sit and we waited for the owner of the dog. I felt bad for the old lady. She was standing and shaking from the cold weather. I told her that I was fine and she could rest, but she was like “Noo I am curious about what happened I am wondering. :))” I was an interesting situation. Something new in her life!

I told them that I moved only a day before and he greeted me with this way. They told me that I had to come with Klobasa (Kranjska klobasa is a traditional Slovenian cured, smoked, and cooked sausage practically everywhere in Slovenia, as well as in some other European countries). We were laughing and I was smelling the alcohol. I could not say but only a shot would be so nice at that moment.

The owner came. He was nervous and scared. He shouted at his children and took me to the hospital. When I am on my way there I was thinking about the picnic and everything about the faculty.

Hospital Adventure

I arrived at the hospital to the emergency department. I was hoping that they will take care of me very soon.

The other way around just to explain my situation took me an hour. They examined my leg and added me to the list. I also filled a form and told my situation. “How bad I am” and the answer;

“Oh! Kako lepo govoriš slovensko! Koliko časa si živela v Sloveniji? Jaz gledam turške serije.”

“How nice you speak Slovene! How long have you been living in Slovenia? I watch the Turkish series.”

I think I look very fine! And it’s not helping my situation. I was really barely sitting and keeping my eyes on. They found me a stretcher and I lied down. Closed my eyes…

When I opened my eyes my Turkish brother Kadir (soul brother) was there. After a while, Martin came.

We spent three hours waiting. Martin was making fun and I remember a moment that I was laughing out loud and hesitating from the doctors.

In the end, they took me to the operating room. I was so relaxed and cheerful. As if we were going to do something joyful. Finally, they would stitch my leg and but was desperate for a toilet and it would take some time.

In the second section, the nurse was quickly driving my stretcher to the toilet. We passed along the whole hospital corridor and the neighbor, Kadir, Milan, and Martin. They all looked at me with the confusion and excitement.

“Aisha has to pee!” Now everybody knows that I have to pee 🙂

I waited for quite some time in the operating room. There was a nurse, head doctor, a doctor (woman) and junior doctor (assistant).

The nurse let them know with the excitement that I speak Slovene. They were pleased. The assistant seemed pale and puzzled when he saw my leg as if he was in pain. I thought that he was cute, he could not even look at me.

I was smiling and chatting with the doctors there we found out that one of the doctors is a friend of Martin. I asked her about their childhood years and if they had partied a lot…

-Yees we partied a lot! It was nice years.

I was just started to think that they forgot my leg, the doctor came with the equipment and started to anesthetize my leg. I felt the sharp and quick pain in my leg. Then they started to chat about the age of the doctor. They were trying to guess. I could not keep my eyes open.

I was so tired, heavy. Smiling and feeling so pleased and peaceful that they were taking care of me with love. In the end, they gently helped me to straighten up. I was not able to do any exercise for a few weeks. I felt the pain in my heart. I was really lucky because it was just a temporary process.

Since I have known myself I have been training with a healthy body. As a professional athlete, I got some injuries but never was not so big deal. This also was not a serious problem but the next day I was barely walking to the toilet and thinking about how to get to the faculty.

Martin gave me a drive and I was able to attend all the practical lectures. It was not that bad. I was also learning a lot. Instead of focusing on doing the exercise I was really observing the lectures. The professors never let me just sit there. They always included me in the lectures. In basics of movement in sport I had to observe and try to analyze, in swimming I had to correct my friends according to the professor’s lead.

It did not create a huge impact on my life. I felt a strength in my body and told that I will heal there like a miracle. The body listens to you and it’s incredible how strong and capable we are more than we think.

The next day I woke up with a rested and fresh body. I was feeling the big difference in my leg.

I spent the three weeks by going to the lectures, controls and slowly cycling and not walking for too long.

Student Health Center
First visit:
It was more than a year ago I have been there for the first time. I had to go through the physical examinations for the exams of the faculty.

They did not accept me because I did not have my own doctor yet. At the end of the week, I had the ability of testing for the faculty and I did not have time to go to Turkey.

The next day my friend Zala offered me to come with me to the hospital. She told my situation to the doctors and they were convinced somehow. We spent the whole day there by waiting, talking (of course only in English) at the end I got my papers.

I could not do this without her. I was really thankful and she told me that she had a great time with me while waiting for the result and having the lunch on the grass, talking about everything in life… It was a lovely day. Meaningful day to me.

Second visit:

I faced with the same woman who was telling me the process tautly. I did not have my own doctor and insurance which I can show here in Slovene. I had in English but somehow It was not available. She was so nervous and acting as if there is a big problem. I also had not called her before coming here. I did not even know that I needed to make an appointment.

I mildly told her that I understand her very well and I need her help I had urgently needed this control today because I study sports education and I had to attend my exercise classes. I could pay for the control.

All of a sudden she changed and became very helpful. I did not even wait for too long. The other nurse and the doctors were incredibly kind and compassionate to me. The doctor dressed the wound gently and they gave me a compliment for my Slovene. I left from there with saying goodbye to everyone.

I went there once every two days and every time they greeted me affectionately. I felt really good. I am not an only Turkish girl in Slovenia. I am a Turkish girl who speaks Slovene, who adores Slovenia and feels like home in Slovenia.



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