Ayşegül Karaali

I am just a curious person who likes nature and sports, hikes up to the mountains and jumps into the cold waters, runs in the forests and travels as much as possible. I am Aisha, a 23 year old Turkish girl, born and raised in Istanbul. Three years ago I moved to Slovenia with my little sister. We planned to stay in Slovenia for a year so that she could study and I could improve my English. After a while, I decided to continue with my studies in Slovenia. Started studying the language, and now I Iive and study in this beautiful country. I explore the country and its culture while still improving both English and Slovene. Here, I am going to share my stories with you. Join me through the adventure.




“The Cousine is the Mirror of the Society”

Each country has it’s unique cuisine, cooking style, and presentation. The food is an important part of the culture. It represents abundance and sharing. From the food’s in the country, you will find many things about the way of living.

So that’s why we are curious to try new flavors new cousins. Every taste it’s a whole new experience. Sometimes it takes you to another realm. Sometimes it can create a ritual that you can share with your favorite.

Which cuisine you are interested in? As a Turkish girl in Slovenia, I mostly asked about Turkish cuisine.

“I Know Turkish Kebap!”

I think Turkish cuisine is not very well known in Europe because we mostly find Turkish Kebap in almost everywhere which is the cheapest food in Turkey. Kebap is a typical meat sandwich, made with chicken, lamb, or beef and served with vegetables, spices, and garlic yogurt. Usually does not contain the quality meat.

However, those more familiar with Turkish cuisine will recognize Kebap as a sprawling family tree of all kinds of skewered meats, seasoned and served with different accompaniments.

Some of the most famous types of Kebap are identified by their city or region of provenances, such as the spicy Adana Kebap or the milder Urfa Kebap. These are both from the southeast of Turkey. A particularly famous form of Kebap is known as the Iskender Kebap. It is prepared over a bed of pita bread and drenched slices of meat and tomato juice and served with heaps of yogurt.

“Tell me about Turkish Food”

I should confess that I am not great a cook as a representative of Turkish cuisine but I have too many people around me who are interested in Turkish cuisine. One of them is Bojan. (My Slovenian friend.) When he told me that he had baken baklava, I was really impressed by his enthusiasm and thought that he made too much effort.

“No no it was not that hard Aisha. Really! Can we bake together? ”

And I decided to learn how to cook Turkish food from my Slovenian friend. I will also share with you so that we can learn together.