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Ayşegül Karaali

Aisha yemyeşil doğası, zengin tarihi ve farklı kültürü ile bambaşka bir ülke olan Slovenya'yı geziyor. Sadece gezmiyor bir de anlatıyor; oranın tarihini, kültürünü ve bilinmeyen sırlarını. Aisha unutulanın, bilinmeyenin ve görünmeyenin peşinde. Görünen güzelliklerin içinde saklı kalan bilgileri eşeliyor. Gezilerinde şifayı arıyor ve Slovenya’da uygulanan alternatif tedavi yöntemlerini araştırıyor. Unutulmuş halk hikâyelerini yaşlı yerli halktan dinliyor, tarihi onlara soruyor ve ulaştığı tüm bu bilgileri kaynaklar ile karşılaştırıyor. Değişik Sloven festivallerinden yemeklerine kadar ülkenin kültürünü ve yerel hayatı tanıtıyor. Tüm bu deneyimlerini blogunda yazıyor. Aisha, elinde kitabı, sırtında çantası ile Slovenya’yı adeta onu takip edenlerle birlikte geziyor.

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While the problems and developments in the world continue to be experienced throughout history, it is known that there will never be a trouble-free period. As with no progress, not if we are ready to accept it. It would be necessary to take responsibility for your thoughts, words, and actions.

There are always difficult times and situations outside our comfort point. Difficulties and unexpected times have always been and will be experienced. We need to learn how to operate outside the comfort zone. We must sacrifice old habits, habits, and beliefs that are not necessarily good. This is often difficult, but for this reason, it produces good results.

We are in times that drag us to anxiety and fear and these feelings are nourished by people and social media. We are immersed in information, mostly irrelevant to our lives, we are imbued with norms, beliefs, ideals, brilliance, and fear.

Today we are all more cautious about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)which is an infectious disease caused by a new virus that had not been previously identified in humans.

Last week I went to a supermarket in Ljubljana to see the empty shelves. People were pushing and scrambling for the last items that were still on some shelves. There was no hunger. The stores were not closing. Panic was present. Fear reigned.
It made me think about the word ”health” What does health mean?
Being healthy is a concept equivalent to living happily and humanly. It represents the well- being of the body and soul.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a person must feel physically and mentally well to be defined as perfectly healthy.

The impact of social media on our health
Today, we are following social media more than ever. They have a tremendous impact on us. After work, we quickly return home to isolate ourselves from the virus that is spreading uncontrollably. We wash our hands regularly and wear masks, constantly looking at our mobile phones and filling our minds with the news we follow.
Due to the stress and anxiety that social media has created in us, our collective bad mood and misdirection of thoughts are very damaging to us.

The virus is not only in and spreading from person to person, but it seems to have got to our heads too. We are constantly exposed to news and reactions from the crowd that adversely affect our mood. As we read this news, we feel the sickness in our bodies. As the old Buddhist saying goes, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.”

Let’s look at the overall picture

Think about what needs to be done. Yes, it is necessary to be aware not only of the current situation but of the whole process. Everyone must first be aware of their own position and mission, and that is how society can begin to change.

Observe with open eyes and act immediately. We need to perceive the stimuli around us that give us messages and offer opportunities.

We, humans, were not kind and tolerant of our planet and now we are reacting to our impact on the world. The current situation is a reflection of our past actions!
A human is the only creature that works against the environment.
Global warming is a warning and is a sign that we have exceeded all limits. It is the result of the unjust attitude of people towards nature.

This is not surprising. In my opinion, global warming is like an imbalance because nature has a balance, all the changes caused by global warming affect living things.
Let’s take a step for the collective consciousness. We have to turn ourselves a little bit and think.

Stay home!
Slovenia was flooded with “Stay home!” Warnings, which are not bad either. Now is the time to distance ourselves from society, it is time to be a little lonely and think. Maybe this is an opportunity to take a break from our busy lives and calm down.

Some people are home alone, others with their loved ones,… But we are all out of work, school and crowds.

We are together only with those who share the same house with us. These are our loved ones. Can we turn this into an opportunity? Can we make up for that when we can’t be left alone?

Hard times bring us closer. These days, we feel better about the value and power of the family. I came home again. I’m very grateful for that!

Home is about being where love and peace are. Home means a place where we can rebuild. For me, home is about being close to loved ones and nature. I’m home now!
We can’t complain about not having time for ourselves today. We will also have time for our closest ones today. We have time to cook, chat and play games. We will also find time for our own corner, to read a book, to write something, to meditate, to think in peace, to walk with ourselves.

Let’s stay home and turn that into an opportunity.
I hope that this situation will awaken in us a bright side, a better understanding and perception, tolerance, selflessness, and compassion. I really hope that we will come out of this situation wiser and better prepared for similar problems in the future



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