Ay┼čeg├╝l Karaali

Aisha yemye┼čil do─čas─▒, zengin tarihi ve farkl─▒ k├╝lt├╝r├╝ ile bamba┼čka bir ├╝lke olan Slovenya'y─▒ geziyor. Sadece gezmiyor bir de anlat─▒yor; oran─▒n tarihini, k├╝lt├╝r├╝n├╝ ve bilinmeyen s─▒rlar─▒n─▒. Aisha unutulan─▒n, bilinmeyenin ve g├Âr├╝nmeyenin pe┼činde. G├Âr├╝nen g├╝zelliklerin i├žinde sakl─▒ kalan bilgileri e┼čeliyor. Gezilerinde ┼čifay─▒ ar─▒yor ve SlovenyaÔÇÖda uygulanan alternatif tedavi y├Ântemlerini ara┼čt─▒r─▒yor. Unutulmu┼č halk hik├óyelerini ya┼čl─▒ yerli halktan dinliyor, tarihi onlara soruyor ve ula┼čt─▒─č─▒ t├╝m bu bilgileri kaynaklar ile kar┼č─▒la┼čt─▒r─▒yor. De─či┼čik Sloven festivallerinden yemeklerine kadar ├╝lkenin k├╝lt├╝r├╝n├╝ ve yerel hayat─▒ tan─▒t─▒yor. T├╝m bu deneyimlerini blogunda yaz─▒yor. Aisha, elinde kitab─▒, s─▒rt─▒nda ├žantas─▒ ile SlovenyaÔÇÖy─▒ adeta onu takip edenlerle birlikte geziyor.




I started my education at the Faculty of Sports!

From the first week, I found out that there is no way for me to live away from the faculty. We have lectures every morning at 7 am, so I have to live in the faculty. ­čÖé

I was lucky that I immediately found a nice house almost next to the faculty. I moved there in my second day of the faculty.

I study Sports Education at the University of Ljubljana. My studies in Slovene and I have been improving my Slovene for a year. The dream came true. Is it dreamful? I am struggling. Every second minute.

It does not mean that I do not enjoy. It’s a fascinating feeling to be able to understand the lectors through another language. Which I had no idea only a year ago except the basics.

Today I am in the faculty going to the lectures with my new classmates. I do not feel so different than them because I see that they feel like a stranger as much as I feel. Maybe even more than me.

Mostly they are coming from different regions of Slovenia. Ljubljana is a new city for most of them. We all moved to Ljubljana and started living in a completely different routine with a new environment.

We have a lecture which seems quite important in our first semester called “Osnove Gibanja v S╠îportu” it means “Fundamentals of Movement in Sport”.

We are learning the basics of sports terminology and its usefulness in praxis. At first view, it seemed so complicated and abstruse because of the specific words. Then I found out that the specific words are new to everyone in my class.

We have to explain the movements of sports with specific words. The professor keeps his eyes on me and makes sure that I am able to understand.

I shared my lecture notes with my Slovene friend Bojan. He was stranger more than me.

We have a dance lecture. It has the universal language which I am struggling the most. In the first lecture we had to thump out there I noticed that I am a disaster or maybe just Slovenians are quite good at it. They all learn different dances for the graduation dance and obviously, they were not loiter away the music lectures until high school as we did.

I should confess that I was feeling really uncomfortable until I saw that how they treat us. This is not about dancing well. It’s about feeling the rhythm.

There we create a togetherness and synergy. We feel the rhythm and the movement of our bodies and our souls and each other. At the end of the lecture, we switch the lights off, lie down and close our eyes. We meditate for a few minutes, relax and feel. I feel grateful.

We have many practical lectures which are great for me but I am still struggling with the language because sometimes I do not understand the simple things. Sometimes I was even surprised that how much I understand. I am in this program as an only foreigner except a guy from Serbia. (He is already fluent in Slovene.)

I have an eye which can see barely. I have another eye who is my class friends they lead me. I have another eye which can see the most. It’s my eye of the heart which helps me the ultimate.