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Going to Jump Out of a Plane? If you’re thinking of going skydiving, go ahead! It might be helpful for you. Everyone has a different experience but here is my story and why I would strongly recommend it.

A friend of mine who is a skydiver jumps out of the airplane by himself. Really! He had completed three weeks of the course and at the end, he had received a certificate. It means he is able to float alone. Since then he has been diving more often. Do I Wanna Do This? I definitely would like to try…… But do I wanna learn how to fly by myself? I would try at first as a tandem. Skydiving as the name states is diving into the sky. Basically, you jump from the airplane into the clouds. This was the only thing I knew about it. He encouraged me to try it one Thursday. Thursday came so fast.

Once we had said that we would go come rain or shine. 🙂 We had planned to go at around 16.00 pm. I woke up to a sunny day and went to my Slovene course. The whole day weather seemed fine. It was the time to go then all of a sudden the sky was covered with the clouds and it started to rain. This is a very common situation in Slovenia. You make plans then the weather makes fun of you. It is a reminder that nature does not comply with you. You should harmonize with it.

These unpredictable sudden rains also stop faster. They don’t totally affect plans, they give more urge for adventure. From Ljubljana to Postojna, an average 55 km motorcycle journey was successful. We got wet but arrived there safe and sound. The sun showed up and it was surprisingly not windy at all.

I sat down on a side of the airfield and watched the divers who were floating in the air. On the other side, a second group was preparing its parachutes. My skydiver friend prepared his parachute gently too and dressed for the flight. They also gave me a suit which seemed too big for me. I asked for the Small size and she smiled at how small I am 🙂 and gave me a suitable attire.

It fit me so well, l felt great in it like a flier. I took some pictures there and it felt very funny to do this. Everybody was packing and dressing, I was walking around in this suit as if I had an idea about what to do. After a while, I met with my tandem pilot Tomaž and he informed me about the process also introduced himself as Ronaldo. He is a funny and calm guy. I always speak Slovene and l was hoping that I did not miss any important information. I guess my mission was not very complicated. “Try to keep calm and enjoy!” he said. Of course, you cannot be calm when you are falling down from the plane! Enjoy the adrenaline.

We had to wait for a while there, we sat with my skydiver friend. He asked me if I was excited. I was excited but not very aware until the plane rose up to 4,000 meters high. While the aircraft gains the needed height, my tandem pilot keeps me informed on our level above ground. It got me into a panic laugh.

I am laughing as we get higher and can not believe I am experiencing this moment. Up in the plane, I slid on back to sit on my jumper’s lap as instructed and he strapped himself firmly to me. Back on the ground, we’d already ran through the idea of sitting on the edge of the plane, tipping my head back and tucking my feet in as he jumped. Suddenly the door opened they jumped one by one.

Whaaaat!!! I cringed at the excitement and a little panic. The fact that I was strapped to Ronaldo with a big smile on his face and seemed to have no worries or reservations about leaping out a plane, gave me the confidence to have my mind set on enjoying it, rather than fearing it. As soon as they jumped we stood on the doorstep, my legs were in the air and then like a shot he dived into the clouds. I’m falling!!!.. A big Whoooooooo!!!! Fuuuupp… We are floating on the air at a high speed. I am having the pleasure of soaring. At the same time, I am lamenting to myself that “you have had a decent life Aisha, it has been good but that was it. Enjoy the last moment!

The wind blew my face with all its strength. Ronaldo opened the parachute and we started to float in the air. I knew that I was funny in that period of time but when l watched my video I had so much fun in my own state. How happy and excited I had been. My tandem pilot asking me ”how was it?” I am trying to explain that It was amazing and I realize that my mouth is open and I am full of saliva. But he is putting the camera in my face. I am trying to wipe my face and telling him “Čudovito je bilo!” As we get down, he shows me the views of Slovenia and points out how the country is nice. I know that is the reason I choose to live here.

We watched quietly and this moment makes you really appreciative with what you have in life. We are landing and I am still a little dizzy. As soon as we land he puts the camera in my face and I can not see him because of the wind, my hair is all over my face and I am trying to tidy my hair. He gives me my certificate. I had not seen the video yet but I was sure that it’s was funny.

This was the best adrenaline experience in my life so far. I tried paragliding, scuba diving, bungee jumping, zip line but I had never felt that much free. If you get the opportunity I strongly recommend you to give your self a chance to try.

You’ll experience new emotions and energy, how strong you are maybe not fearless but brave for the intense experiences. Although we are so tiny in this world we are able to fly safely. Isn’t that amazing? The skydive happens fast. A few minutes in the plane, freefall, parachute ride, and before you know it, you are back on the ground. When you look back up at the clouds, it almost doesn’t seem real. This experience shakes you in a good way. So far I just felt it was an experience. Let’s have a look at it as a sport in the following post.