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Ayşegül Karaali

Aisha yemyeşil doğası, zengin tarihi ve farklı kültürü ile bambaşka bir ülke olan Slovenya'yı geziyor. Sadece gezmiyor bir de anlatıyor; oranın tarihini, kültürünü ve bilinmeyen sırlarını. Aisha unutulanın, bilinmeyenin ve görünmeyenin peşinde. Görünen güzelliklerin içinde saklı kalan bilgileri eşeliyor. Gezilerinde şifayı arıyor ve Slovenya’da uygulanan alternatif tedavi yöntemlerini araştırıyor. Unutulmuş halk hikâyelerini yaşlı yerli halktan dinliyor, tarihi onlara soruyor ve ulaştığı tüm bu bilgileri kaynaklar ile karşılaştırıyor. Değişik Sloven festivallerinden yemeklerine kadar ülkenin kültürünü ve yerel hayatı tanıtıyor. Tüm bu deneyimlerini blogunda yazıyor. Aisha, elinde kitabı, sırtında çantası ile Slovenya’yı adeta onu takip edenlerle birlikte geziyor.

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Back to Nature


As the daughter of a mother who is closely involved with herbs and plants, I have always found health and happiness in nature.

My mother, who has managed to find a herbal solution for every disease and complaint from a very young age, taught me this. Nature has the power to heal us. Every individual who loves and examines nature also starts learning and finding the health and happiness in it.

Despite our closeness to nature, we lived in a big metropolis like Istanbul and were exposed to the city’s consuming energy and rhythm of life. Maybe it was good. In this way so that we listened to ourselves better and understood how much we needed nature, natural life, and simplicity that we longed for. We realized the blessings of nature even more and felt very strong longing.

My mother’s entrepreneurial and nature lover spirit enabled her to set up a nursery garden filled with exquisite flowers and trees in the middle of Istanbul.

Here, she created a delightful space for herself and us, inspired many people in the middle of the city, giving garden care services, and made the gardens beautiful.

Afterward, she settled to a village where Turkey’s dream peninsula named Kaş. She made her own house and vegetable garden on
the land where she bought and created her ideal living space.

Here she began to produce vegetable seeds for urban gardening and sell them to the various markets of Turkey.

And here we are back to nature.

Coming Home

I have been living in Slovenia, a  beautiful  lush country for 3 years. I work in this lovely country and continue my wellness education.

We were at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic that spread around the world. Cases started to rise about 1 month ago in Slovenia.

At such times people want to be with their loved ones. I made a quick decision and traveled to Kaş where my mother lives. A few days later my sister came from Istanbul.

This was my home yes where I always visit my mom but my stay here was always limited and I had never really lived here.

Here suddenly my life has changed.

My Stay Here in the Quarantine Time

I open my eyes with the sunrise, I go to the garden with the chirping of the birds. We start the day with pleasure working in the garden with my sister and mom. We make delicious meals with fresh vegetables and herbs grown from our garden. Here I put yoga and meditation into the routine of my life.
The region I live in and the number of people I interact with has decreased but my inner world and my life efficiency increased. Here are so many things to do and learn.

Healing From The Soil

I always loved the water and learned to balance myself in the water. Maybe I was a swimmer for this reason. I have discovered my strength and potential with the power of water Now I explore the miracle of the soil.

Since I dipped my hand into the soil I’ve been witnessing the generosity of the land.
Those who work with the soil know how little we need. As soon as you feel this, peace will grow in you. Observing the growth of a plant leads us to understand the world we live in and the formation.
The world has changed from past to present. We have also changed. It will be enough to put our hands in the ground to return to our essence. The soil is abundant.

When we live in harmony with nature, nature is ready to give us everything.

And today I decided to share my journey with the plants we grow in our garden. My mother is interested in medicinal and aromatic plants. No knowledge has made me so excited since I started learning the natural healing and healing properties of these plants. These are life information.

When we live in harmony with nature, nature is ready to give us everything.

Stay healthy and stay close to yourself and nature.




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