Ayşegül Karaali

I am just a curious person who likes nature and sports, hikes up to the mountains and jumps into the cold waters, runs in the forests and travels as much as possible. I am Aisha, a 23 year old Turkish girl, born and raised in Istanbul. Three years ago I moved to Slovenia with my little sister. We planned to stay in Slovenia for a year so that she could study and I could improve my English. After a while, I decided to continue with my studies in Slovenia. Started studying the language, and now I Iive and study in this beautiful country. I explore the country and its culture while still improving both English and Slovene. Here, I am going to share my stories with you. Join me through the adventure.


What Does Wellness Mean?


“Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – The World Health Organization.

When we say healthy life in recent years, there is a new concept that comes with it: Wellness. Most of us are more or less on the edge of what is happening, and we encounter this concept in various wellness centers. But we do not know exactly what is wellness, what kind of philosophy it contains.

If we open a little more, we can explain this concept as accepting and living life with pleasure ”.

We should consider wellness as a whole rather than just healthy eating or regular sports.

Wellness points to an active process of your awareness and allows you to take a holistic view of all the factors that involve “good life”.

Wellness is everything that gives you pleasure therewithal nurtures your soul in life.





Good music, good company, a glass of wine, a breathtaking mountain landscape, pine smell, a nice massage, making love. İt is quite personal and variable. What gives you pleasure?

That’s where the fine line feeds your soul.

Wellness is a way to fully open your consciousness to the change of your life and to reveal your potential at the maximum level.



How We Can Achieve This Well-being İn Many Ways?

Staying away from stress, maintaining a normal level of life anxiety, coping with emotions that affect us negatively and keeping our lives in balance… We can provide them with the philosophy of wellness.

To change our lives positively, the first step is to return to our essence. This is neither a magic wand nor a hokey pokey, nor can we suddenly say ‘okay, it’s done’. It’s a process, it’s a journey…


The wellness, which gives self-sufficiency to self-confidence, reinforces the individual’s stance against life and enables him to act
as a self-confident, knowing what he wants.

Isn’t this all the essence is already the definition of the good life?

Think about it, our travels, the new cultures we see, the new people we meet, the colors of this whole process, the tightly connected parts…

And at the heart of it are the factors that lead you to live a healthy life.