Ayşegül Karaali

I am just a curious person who likes nature and sports, hikes up to the mountains and jumps into the cold waters, runs in the forests and travels as much as possible. I am Aisha, a 23 year old Turkish girl, born and raised in Istanbul. Three years ago I moved to Slovenia with my little sister. We planned to stay in Slovenia for a year so that she could study and I could improve my English. After a while, I decided to continue with my studies in Slovenia. Started studying the language, and now I Iive and study in this beautiful country. I explore the country and its culture while still improving both English and Slovene. Here, I am going to share my stories with you. Join me through the adventure.


Ob Žici- March Along Barbed Wire Sun



Today we walked and ran around Ljubljana. This tradition yearly event is called “Pohod ob žici” and is one of the biggest events in Ljubljana. Actually, there is a story.

On May 9th……., the liberation of the occupied Ljubljana was marked by a massive recreational event of the POT-i. This event is not only confirmed by its exceptional park role, but also by its monumental role and even its appearance. POT as a park arrangement originates precisely from the recreational event of the partisan hike along the line of the occupied Ljubljana, which was first organized in 1957.

The route is about 35 km around Ljubljana, were between the Second World War the wire fence of Italian and later the German occupiers was. Gaining the name of “March along barbed wire”.


On Saturday (12/5/2019), many people walked and ran around Ljubljana. Those who took part in walking or running the entire route of the 35 km got a special medal.


Run with Slovenians

It is another unique running event meant for a “three-member team” race at 12.5 or 29 km in men/women and senior categories and 3 km for primary and secondary schools. The three-member team must run together all the time.

I attended it with two Slovenian guys who looked physically quite active. (Just as the most of the Slovenians are)

We started gaily on the trail. My friend Gregor was running like a wind. Blaž and I were following him. Along the way, we were accompanied by the whistles and tambourines. It’s a really magical atmosphere with a feeling of festivity.

You get great motivation and support while pushing the boundaries. The power of unity, the joy of the crowd…

You see the walkers along the way who toast the beers and root for us.

We ran from the main street into the forest path (Golovec). All of a sudden I got a muscle cramp in my calves. It stopped me with sharp pain. My muscles were stiff. My friends were there for me to run at a slow pace for a while. They helped me by tapping my back gently. I gave a massage to my thighs and we walked to the station where we could drink some water, sports drinks, eat a banana, chocolate, orange, and sugar cubes…


We had some snacks and walked together then the pain slowly dissipated. We were again able to run again and completed the course comfortably. When we got closer to the finish line, we held each other’s hands and finished with great enthusiasm.


This is a special day for understanding the importance of the Republic of Slovenia and it reflects its culture, unity, solidarity, and persistence. This is how the Slovenians are. We’ve seen the power of an empire in this delightful event.



Gremo na pivo

Beer is quite a social drink in Slovenia and we go for a beer most of the time. ”Gremo na pivo” It means Let’s go for a beer. We ended up with a beer each sitting on the grass, put on a Turkish music 😀 (kind of) while resting and chatting. We enjoyed the sunny day and felt grateful to live in this land together.