Ayşegül Karaali

I am just a curious person who likes nature and sports, hikes up to the mountains and jumps into the cold waters, runs in the forests and travels as much as possible. I am Aisha, a 23 year old Turkish girl, born and raised in Istanbul. Three years ago I moved to Slovenia with my little sister. We planned to stay in Slovenia for a year so that she could study and I could improve my English. After a while, I decided to continue with my studies in Slovenia. Started studying the language, and now I Iive and study in this beautiful country. I explore the country and its culture while still improving both English and Slovene. Here, I am going to share my stories with you. Join me through the adventure.




I started running in Slovenia… At first for myself.

In my first week in Slovenia I found a path next to Sava river and most of the days of the week I ran there.

On the trail, I had experienced some special moments that changed my life.

I was improving my English and living with my sister who is seven years younger than me. She was studying at International School. This was the reason that we moved to Slovenia.

We had planned to live in Slovenia for a year so that she could study and I could improve my English.

At the same time, I attended Slovenian courses which were for immigrants, refugees, foreigners, who were working or married to Slovenians.

I was the youngest in the class and all the students seemed a little lost. Firstly the average knowledge of English level was quite low in the class. We were not communicative in English and trying to learn Slovenian.

There I learned the basic Slovene and the different cultures. We shared the same athmosphere for quite some time.

Maybe we could not share a lot through words but we had a common understanding and support we felt in our formation together.

My sister and I spent almost a year without knowing many people.

It was a challenging year in my life. I felt really isolated and I learned how to express myself in another language. I also started learning about myself, my potential.

The first couple of months I was having problems with expressing myself. I did not know English very well but It did not stop me from traveling in Slovenia.

I hitchhiked and hiked in Slovenia found the routes, went to the lakes and hills. , did bungee and zip line just like that I started exploring Slovenia by myself. (This is how I become even more curious about exploring Slovenia.) As I explore I saw that there is too many beautiful places in this tiny country.

At the beginning…

The people around me did not understand what I am trying to say. I could not always find the right words.

I could not build the right sentence. I also could not put the words in the right places in the sentences.

Luckly Slovenians are perfect English speakers. At least If you know a little English you can easily communicate with them.

Another think which I surprised by their knowledge of other languages. I made some Slovenian friends who are already fluent in Turkish.

This has created a special bond between us. When you speak the other person’s language, there begins a magical interaction.

Being a learner of a diffrent languages made me a different person. I was not a good speaker but I was a good listener.

By the time I learned how to express myself quite confident I was still a listener more than a speaker.

I would like to learn and understand more. People are wondering about me, asking about my story.

I am an explorer, observer. I came to Slovenia where my story begins.

I am more curious about listening to them, their stories, cultures, thoughts. There is something really enchanted about Slovenia and Slovenians.

I am learning this country, language, culture with my enthusiasm.

Let me show you where the magic begins.